Fidas® 200 S successfully certified

The Fidas® 200 S fine dust measurement device from Palas® passed the TÜV Rheinland equivalence test in October 2013 and is therefore officially approved for environmental measurement by authorities. This means that Fidas® is currently the world‘s only optical fine dust measurement system for PM10 and PM2,5 that has passed through equivalence and suitability testing in accordance with DIN EN 12341 and DIN EN 14907 and following successful evaluation of the measurement results has been certified in accordance with DIN EN 15267-1 & -2.

Fine dust measurement devices have to be certified in order to be used for environment alauthorities‘ regulative measurements. In Germany this is regulated by the EU Fine Dust Directive. The Fidas® 200 S has now been certified by TÜV Rheinland. This version is equipped with a Sigma 2 sampling head, an intelligent aerosol drying system (IADS), as well as a compact weather station. Integrated in a weather proof housing, it is ready for immediate use and can be set up as a standalone device in open areas. The integrated weather station acquires data, such as wind speed, wind direction, amount of precipitation, type of precipitation, temperature, humidity and pressure.

The control unit for Fidas® 200 S contains the electronics and two parallel-connected, redundant sampling pumps. Fidas® 200 which is designed as a version installed in an existing wheather measurement station, will also be TÜV approved during 2014.

Tested 16 months in the field and in the lab

TÜV Rheinland comprehensively examined Fidas® 200 S in equivalence and suitability

testing over a period of 16 months. The engineers set up the device in field trials at four different sites and went on to evaluate the individual data and the entire dataset using special techniques for the fine dust fractions PM10 and PM2.5 respectively. The data obtained in the field trials was compared with gravimetric reference devices. Field measurements are particularly exacting, as the measuring device has to deliver data continuously and dependably under all weather conditions. In the lab test, the voltage dependence of the device and the volume flows were investigated, among other things. Finally,  Fidas® 200 S had to demonstrate in the climatic chamber test that it works just as reliably at -20 °C as it does at +20 °C and at +50 °C.

Data availability of more than 99 percent

„The TÜV Rheinland test revealed a data availability in excess of 99 percent, which is very high and speaks in favour of the measuring device‘s reliability“, explains Jürgen Spielvogel who is responsible for environmental measurement and nanotechnology at Palas®. „It is essential that the Fidas® system continuously delivers both PM2.5 and PM10 data.” Another advantage according to Spielvogel is that the number and size distribution of fine dust particles is also measured with Fidas®. „For some customers this is very interesting. Thanks to the on site calibration and remote data retrieval, the maintenance costs are very low.“  Besides PM10 and PM2.5 data, the PM1.0 PM4.0, TSP and size distribution data can also be accessed.


Over 60 orders in the first quarter

Palas® had already informed the sales partners about the test passed in 2013. „More than 60 Fidas® devices have already been or dered in the first quarter of 2014“, Dr. Maximilian Weiß, the inventor of Fidas®, is pleased to announce the high level of demand. In order that customers could be supplied quickly, Palas® recruited more staff and rented new premises in which Fidas® devices are now produced in series.